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The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System –


developed by Corteva Agriscience – is only sold and serviced through authorized pest control companies such as ourselves. Here is a summary of the Sentricon® system and how it works, the cost of installation and continued monitoring, active ingredients, and how Sentricon® differs from other termite treatments.


Eliminate Ground Termite Colony


The Sentricon® system is successfully designed to eliminate an entire subterranean (or ground termite) colony, and to prevent future infestations with continued use. Ground termite control using the Sentricon® system involves: (1) an initial inspection of the property to locate termite activity, (2) bait station installation and delivery of the bait, and (3) regular monitoring by a certified pest control specialist. The end result is permanent protection with ongoing servicing.


Bait Stations


The bait stations confine the ingredients within its capsule. The only time the active ingredient of Sentricon® leaves the bait station is when it is eaten by termites; there is no environmental hazard to the installation sight or surrounding areas. Fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, and any other edible foods can be planted around the Sentricon® bait stations with no harm to plants or people.

The bait stations require a special key to open, so kids (or pets) cannot open them. Even if kids (or pets) were to get a bait station open, the active ingredient in Sentricon® (which is mentioned shortly) is explicitly designed for termites and other closely related insects only; not people or pets. The quantity of the active ingredient in each bait station is so minute that a family dog would have to eat several hundred bait station inserts before becoming sick.
Sentricon begins protecting a structure as soon as it is installed; and it begins working as soon as termites locate the in-ground bait stations.

Ground termites like a lot of moisture and decaying plants, wood piles, tree stumps, and the like. In fact, these termites can sustain themselves with these things until structural wood is located. So, many times these termites will be found near hot water tanks, trees or tree stumps, old wood piles in the yard, air conditioners, sprinkler systems, and even the moist areas around concrete paths and/or the structure’s concrete foundation.

Ground termites build underground tunnels which allow them to move around freely in search of food sources. The termites are always foraging for more food sources, even when there is already lots of food to be had. Subsequently, the worker termites will discover the bait stations that surround the protected structure. They will feed on the bait and take it back to the colony to share with their “family.” Ultimately, this leads to the death of the colony and its queen, because the queen cannot survive without the worker termites.


How Long Does it Take To Work?


The length of time it takes for the termites to find the bait stations is dependent upon the amount of termite activity going on in the area; but it is certain that the termites will find the bait stations. The Sentricon® system was created using the termite’s own natural behaviors to destroy themselves and their entire colony. The Sentricon® system is so effective that no supplementary treatments are needed. In fact, there is extensive scientific research conducted by universities, contractors, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture that unequivocally affords Sentricon® its bragging rights. The following list illustrates just a few of the more than 60 published articles on the product.



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Sentricon Cost


The cost of Sentricon® installation and monitoring is based on perimeter linear footage of a structure. There is an initial installation cost which also includes monitoring throughout the first year. On year two and each year thereafter, there will be an annual renewal fee. All costs for installation and recurring monitoring may be as low as $55.00 per month (or about $1.75 per day).

Sentricon® is guaranteed for as long as the “above ground” stations are in the ground on the property. The frequency at which our company services Sentricon® stations is based on termite activity going on and other readings from the bait stations.
Along with the Sentricon® System, Corteva also created a bait formulation called Recruit® that is used with the system. The active ingredient in Recruit® is noviflumuron. Noviflumuron is an insect growth regulator that prevents molting and development of termites, which eventually leads to the elimination of an entire colony. For your information, the specimen labels for Recruit HD and Recruit IV AG follow.
There certainly are alternative treatments on the market for ground termites. Of course, there are other brands of in-ground baiting systems that may be professionally installed and monitored, but none that are backed by the extensive scientific research and success as that of Sentricon®. There are also in-ground baits that can be purchased online and in hardware stores, and then personally installed and monitored. Keep in mind, though, that due diligence is required when installing and monitoring on one’s own. After initial installation, there is the matter of ongoing monitoring of the bait stations and the structure itself. Additional stations might need to be added if the termites don’t find the initial bait stations. A supplementary liquid barrier might be warranted. Alas, even if/when a colony has been eradicated, foraging termites from nearby infestations is always a concern, so continued maintenance and monitoring of bait stations is essential to keeping the property free of termites.

Liquid barriers around the perimeter of the structure are another form of ground termite treatment. Liquid barrier treatments provide a “barrier” in the ground that stops termites from entering and infesting the structure. The liquid treatment used either kills or repels the termites, and eventually, any termites within the structure will also die. Liquid treatments may require digging, trenching, and concrete drilling to inject the treatment into certain areas of the property. Liquid barrier treatments are more invasive then bait stations to the home, yard, and environment.

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