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What’s an Exterminator?

Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA) play a huge role in regulating and approving pest control treatments that are greener, safer, and tested before approved.

Drywood Termite Treatment in Hawaii

Drywood termites are the ones that don’t live underground and don’t need an external water source to survive because they generate their own moisture through the digestion of the wood they consume

Hawaii Exterminator – Termite & Pest Control

At Service With Aloha, we focus on identification of the pest problem and look for a long-term solution, rather than just spraying stuff to kill the pests we physically see at a moment in time.

Flea Treatment & Control

Dog fleas look almost the same as cat fleas, but they are not as common. While that may be an interesting bit of information, our dogs and cats contract fleas in the same way:

New Hawaii Tax Rules

Hawaii & Kauai County 2019 Tax Increases For those that may not have heard, the State of Hawaii released two taxation announcements on September 27, 2018. One of these announcements – Department of Taxation Announcement No. 2018-14 – pertains to Kauai...

Holiday Safety

Did you know that between 2012 and 2016, our U.S. firemen and women responded to an average 170 home fires (per year) that started with a Christmas tree?

Major Increase In Bed Bugs In Hawaii

We have posted about bed bugs before, but with the ever-increasing bed bug trouble calls and treatment services going on, it’s important to mention them once again.

Hawaii Stink Bugs

Ever heard of a stink bug? Well, there are a number of varieties of stink bugs, but basically they are all smaller than a penny with a shield-like shape that helps to deter predators.

Sentricon® vs. Termidor®

There are a number of factors that we all think about when choosing the best ground termite treatment for our homes. Cost is always a huge factor for many of us.