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Sentricon® vs. Termidor®

There are a number of factors that we all think about when choosing the best ground termite treatment for our homes. Cost is always a huge factor for many of us.

Rodent Control

Whether through direct or indirect contact, rodents have the ability to spread a number of diseases. Mice and rats also carry fleas, mites, lice and disease.

Road Safety

So far, Sept of 2018 there have been 25 pedestrians have died on Hawaii’s roads, and even more hurt. We all need to exercise safe driving and safe walking.

Bed Bugs Are In Hawaii

Bed bugs hitchhike on anything they can cling to – clothes, furniture, suitcases, whatever – until they eventually end up in, on, or around a bed.

The Destructive Termite

There are seven species of immigrant termites living in Hawaii. The two worst are the West Indian Drywood Termite and the Formosan Subterranean Termite.

Australian Longhorn Beetle

The Big Island’s cacao industry is in danger by the Australian Longhorn Beetle. It poses such a threat to the future of the cacao industry.