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Ground termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage each year.

Termites primarily feed on wood, but also damage paper, books, insulation, and even swimming pool liners and filtration systems. Termites can injure living trees and shrubs. Besides the monetary impact, thousands of termites silently feasting on your home can be an emotionally trying experience.

Our ground treatment department is composed of friendly, knowledgeable staff eager to help you get rid of these destructive intruders.

Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System

Sentricon is a baiting system rather than a liquid treatment, which is great for homeowners and property managers looking for a less invasive ground treatment method that is gentler on the home, the yard, and the environment.


Termidor® is a liquid treatment that boasts a
kill rate 6X faster than most baiting systems on the market, and will rid your home of Formosan termites for up to 5 years.

Keep in mind, every property is different and there are numerous considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing a treatment option. These considerations can be explained to you in greater detail at the time of your estimate inspection.


Alternative, Organic Options Available

We understand that green pest control is important to you and we agree that your operation should remain a safe and healthy environment. Some new technology we are using, now allow us to provide quality pest control services using the latest chemistry in botanical oils. The combination of botanical oils target & block octopamine which is an important neurotransmitter and hormone in insects. Mammals do not possess these identical receptors; therefore, botanical oils have no adverse affect on people or animals.

Why We Are Different

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At Aloha Pest Solutions, customers are our first priority. Service with Aloha is our motto and we stand behind it. Our goal is for your experience with us to be a positive one, and to go above and beyond your expectations. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with our service, please contact us right away!

We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee and don’t want any of our past, present, or future ohana of customers to be disappointed with our services. Please give us the opportunity to work with you to make things right.

We also like to honor our outstanding employees, so please feel free to share you satisfaction with us!


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Termite Treatment FAQs

Q: Will the chemicals harm my family or pets?

ANSWER: Termiticides are tested extensively for adverse effects on health. Before a product can be used, numerous studies are conducted by the manufacturer and independently evaluated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Based on the current body of knowledge, registered termiticides pose no significant hazard to humans, pets, or the environment, when applied according to label directions. Despite the negligible health risk from a properly performed termite treatment, people with lingering concerns should consult their physician. Most of the newer liquid products have essentially no odor. Clients who are still apprehensive may want to consider having their home treated with baits.

Q: How does termite baiting work?

ANSWER: Termite baits consist of paper, cardboard, or other palatable food, combined with a slow-acting substance lethal to termites. The baits are installed below ground, out in the yard, in cylindrical plastic stations. Others are sometimes placed indoors, over active mud tubes. Foraging termites consume the bait and share it with their nestmates, resulting in a gradual decline in termite numbers. On some properties, a combination of baits and liquid applications may be employed to stop termites in their tracks.

Q: Does the entire house need to be treated, or can you just treat areas where I see termites?

ANSWER: Subterranean termite colonies may contain hundreds of thousands of individuals, foraging in many different directions. For the homeowner, localized or “spot” treatments are generally a gamble, except in cases of re-treatment. Aloha Termite Kauai, Inc. will not warranty spot treatments, since it is likely that termites will eventually find other points of entry into the structure.

Q: My next-door neighbor has termites and is going to have his house treated. Are the termites going to attack my house next?

ANSWER: Termites move randomly through the soil searching for a source of food (wood), so they don’t know where your house is exactly. Thus, if your next-door neighbor treats his home for termites, your house isn’t automatically the termites’ next lunch. Your house does not need to be treated simply because your neighbor is doing his–but if there are active termite infestations in your neighborhood, it is a good idea to have it inspected.