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We pride ourselves on having some of the best tent fumigators in Hawaii. Our fumigation team has trained under some of the most knowledgeable industry professionals in the state, and will go out of their way to make the inconveniences of termite tenting as painless as possible.

No job is too big or too small! We can eliminate drywood termites from the smallest pieces of furniture in your home, to entire boats, schools, warehouses, commercial buildings, and townhouse complexes.

Aloha Pest Solutions uses Vikane® gas fumigant in its tent fumigations. The effectiveness of Vikane is confirmed by more than 40 years of university research, practical use and published reports.

In addition, our fumigation service is value-added: We offer a 5-year warranty, without the expensive yearly renewal fees that you might find elsewhere.

If you’re a homeowner and want to know why to fumigate and how it works and a how to prepare, visit Fumigation Facts site shown here.

Kauai & Maui - Termite Tenting

Termite Fumigation


How do I prepare for termite tenting of my property?

Our trained staff will walk you through the steps required to prepare for tenting of your property for drywood termites. A synopsis of the preparation process is as follows:

1. First and foremost, you (and your pets) will need to be away from the property during the tenting process, so suitable accommodations are required for a minimum of 24 hours (two to three days if we are tenting for bed bugs and/or powder post beetles as well).

2. Plastic bags are provided because perishable food items will need to be double-bagged or thrown out. Double bagging of medical products, vitamins, toothpaste, and pet foods is also required.

3. Plastic coverings on any furniture in the property need to be removed to ensure the fumigant is more effective.

4. All interior doors between rooms (to include closet and cabinet doors) should be opened prior to tenting to allow the fumigant to spread throughout the property.

5. All indoor plants need to be taken outside during the tenting of the property.

6. A preparation of the exterior of the property may be required. This form of preparation might include trimming tree branches or bushes that are touching the property, and removing any obstacles that may hinder our ability to secure the tents properly around the property.
We are here to help you through every step of preparing for termite tenting of your property.

Kauai & Maui - Termite Tenting

How does the tent fumigation work to destroy Drywood termites in my home or property?


Well, fumigation tents (i.e., tarps) are precisely secured around the entire structure, then taped shut, and sandbagged to the ground. Fans are placed inside the property to circulate the gas to be pumped in. Then, synthetic gases are pumped (by a licensed technician) into the structure at an amount equal to the square footage, and following EPA, and federal and state guidelines. The gases are pumped with a special hose attached to a fumigant cylinder located outside the structure. The gases seep into the wood, upholstery, and all other structural elements to eliminate the termite infestation. Appropriate warning signs are posted at the fumigation site during the entire time the tent is covering the structure. During the 24-hour tenting period for drywood termites (longer for bed bugs and/or powder post beetles) gas levels are monitored several times with the use of a monitor that was placed inside the property prior to securing the tents. Monitoring the gas levels ensures that the needed amount of products is being disbursed to completely destroy the infestation.


Do I have to wash clothes and other household items after the fumigation process?


The tent fumigation process uses a gas called Vikane. Vikane is a non-residual gas that does not stick to any surfaces. So, washing of clothes, dishes, bedding, and all that other stuff is not required. Even so, many of our customers feel better to wash their dishes after fumigation.


When is tenting for drywood termites really needed?

Tenting an entire structure for drywood termites is really needed when multiple areas of infestation are located in non-movable parts of the structure, and/or when a localized treatment will not reach the infested area. These are the situations when a structural tenting may be required to eliminate a termite infestation. A free inspection is required prior to accurately answering this question.


What is the cost to fumigate my property?

Fumigating your entire property for drywood termites is more expensive than spot treatments, but leaves just about no room for error. Fumigating eliminates all drywood termites in the structure at the time of fumigation. The cost of tenting an entire structure is based first on cubic footage. Other factors that may affect cost include single versus multiple story structures, location (i.e., a structure is cantilevered over the side of a cliff), and obstacles around the structure or on the roof that may interfere with the tenting process. The complete fumigation estimate is provided and approved by both parties before the actual fumigation; there are no hidden fees that come up later. Our tent fumigations for drywood termites come with a five-year warranty and no annual warranty renewal fees

furniture fumigation

Vault Fumigation


What is Vault Fumigation or Funiture Fumigation?


Aloha Pest Solutions offers vault fumigation services at our Kauai, Maui, and Big Island shops. Vault fumigation is a localized treatment that eliminates drywood termites, other wood-boring insects, and bed bugs. Vault fumigation replaces tent fumigation when an entire home or building does not require tenting. Smaller items that may require fumigation services include things like furniture, picture frames, bed mattresses, and other household items.

As with entire tent fumigation, our vault fumigation process follows strict Department of Agriculture and other state guidelines to ensure proper operation for the safety of our communities, our customers, and ourselves. Also like tent fumigation, vault fumigation requires a 24-hour process (longer for powder post beetles and/or bed bugs) that includes the actual treatment, then a venting and aeration procedure to follow.

The cost of localized vault treatments is dependent on the size of the good(s) that require fumigation, and also whether we are treating for termites only or powder post beetles and/or bed bugs. Please call our office for a free quote.

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