Drywood Termite Treatment

We talked about ground termite treatments in an earlier blog, but have not discussed our dry wood termite treatment. Drywood termites are the ones that don’t live underground and don’t need an external water source to survive because they generate their own moisture through the digestion of the wood they consume. Drywood termite treatments can be localized or require an entire structure treatment.
Local treatments means that there is only one piece (or pieces) of infested wood that can be locally treated. Some examples include a new door that was purchased and came home infested with dry woods. Or a new kitchen cabinet or even piece of furniture that was already infested before you brought it home. In these types of instances, a simple vault fumigation at our shop will eliminate the infestation.
The cost of localized vault treatments is dependent on the size of material that requires fumigation. Sometimes, a single piece of infested wood cannot be brought to our shop for vault fumigation. In this scenario, a tenting of the material at its immovable location will be required.
Fumigation of an entire structure infested with Drywood termites requires our crews to come out and tent the entire structure. The cost of termite tenting an entire structure is based first on cubic footage. Other factors that may affect cost include single versus multiple story structures, location (i.e., a structure is cantilevered over the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean), obstacles around the structure or on the roof that may interfere with the tenting process. The complete fumigation estimate is provided and approved by both parties before the actual fumigation; so, there are no hidden fees that come up later.
Whether localized or entire structure treatments, the fumigation requires 24 hours of treatment, plus venting, uncovering (for entire structures), and aeration processes. If you believe you have a Drywood termite problem, please feel free to contact us for a free termite inspection and fumigation estimate (if required).