Hawaii Is Full Of Roaches

The American cockroach is one of the three main cockroach species in Hawaii. You know the one I mean: The biggest of the cockroaches on our islands! The flying bomber! The torpedo! If the American cockroach is flying your way, take cover! He’s not a very good pilot – he may hit you or land on you!

As a resident of the state of Hawaii you know there is no getting away from meeting up with an American cockroach.  Unless of course, you are one of our pest control customers, because the only thing you might see is a dead cockroach now and then. Even so, even you will come across an American cockroach at your neighbor’s or friend’s house, at the grocery store, or heaven forbid, at a restaurant!

The American cockroach can grow to over two inches long – about three times as big as the German cockroach, and four times as big as the brown-banded version. The American cockroach is kind of reddish brown and has antennas longer than its body. The male of the species has wings that extend beyond the length of its body, while the female’s wings are just about the same length of its body.

To maintain their 400-million-year existence, the female produces about 10 egg capsules in her lifetime. These egg capsules are about 3/8” long, look reddish brown to black in color, they hold about eight eggs on each side of the capsule, and the female will proudly carry her capsule around with her for a day or two. Then, she will place her capsule where she deems appropriate.

If you see these egg capsules and you don’t pick them up and throw them away – or squish them – the adorable little babies will hatch in about 45 days. If they survive to adulthood, the American cockroach can live up to three years. That’s three years of infesting your food storage and preparation areas; of carrying bacteria around wherever they go; of just making everything dirty and unsanitary!

Got you feeling itchy? Well, the good news is that the American cockroach – while it may be found in peoples’ homes – much prefer large commercial buildings like restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, and hospitals. The American cockroach also likes sewer systems and storm drains.

If you need help with cockroach or any Hawaii pest identification, or just have a question, please feel free to give us a call. Have a great service with Aloha day!

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