Pigeon’s Are Not Pests! – A Pigeon’s Point of View

For a pigeon living in Hawaii, life can’t be sweeter. There is an abundance of food and water everywhere, few natural predators, and lots of rent-free housing. Pigeons’ natural habitats are cliffs sides and such, so tall buildings, window ledges, fences, bridges, signs, and places where humans congregate outside (e.g., the zoo, beaches, parks, etc.) are wide open for their taking. As long as pigeons have food, water, and housing, they have no need to relocate. So, their numbers increase and soon there are great flocks of pigeons that have now become a nuisance to nearby residents and businesses. Bird problems can sometimes be the result of human interaction, so before calling in your favorite pest control specialist, there are few things to try to get pigeons (or any birds) to leave the vicinity.

First and foremost, human feeding more often than not causes an overpopulation of pigeons. Pigeons (and other birds) are intentionally fed – many times on a regular basis – by the same people. Pigeons also get non-regular handouts by visiting people to a certain area. In addition, birds have come to learn that we mortals are a messy bunch, dropping potato chips and parts of our hamburger buns on the grounds of beaches and parks, thus unintentionally providing a food source. Whatever the reason, when human feeding has led to overpopulation in a given area, the best means of reducing their numbers is to gradually decrease the amount of food provided. Eventually, flocks will be reduced as many look for other areas where food can be found.

Second, pigeons like to roost and nest on flat surfaces. As we have all seen around the islands, a variety of items can be used to discourage pigeons from roosting on flat surfaces. Bird wires may be placed on ledges, fence tops, and rooftops to prevent roosting and nesting. Some have also used nettings to keep pigeons from inhabiting certain areas near their business or home.

These are a few things to try to eliminate an overpopulation of pigeons or other birds. It is agreed that not all bird problems are human-related. Sometimes, birds just appear and get into and damage electrical elements, and businesses and homes. Birds might get trapped inside buildings and damage inventory and infrastructure. Bird droppings can also create slippery walking conditions. If you have any questions or need help with a bird infestation or challenge, please give us a call.

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