So You Want To Do It Yourself Pest Control


The best pest control around is in exercising pest prevention on a regular basis. You know, basically eliminating sources of food, water, and shelter in and around homes and businesses. None of us like to have bugs, but even with the best efforts in pest prevention a trail of ants may appear out of nowhere, a rodent is heard scratching around in the attic, or a roach or two are seen scattering along the bathroom floor. So, do we hire a professional to take care of our pest problems or do we do it ourselves? The advantages on each side of the debate are likely what steers us to the pest control methods most suited to our lives and ourselves. Here are three advantages to each side of the debate of doing-it-ourselves versus hiring a professional.


Of course, the biggest advantage to do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control is cost. There are countless products on the market targeted toward specific pests that are cheaper than hiring a professional. Some folks save even more by using natural household products for pest control solutions. When tackling small pest problems, commercial products on the shelf can be effective. Just remember that if a small pest problem becomes a bigger one, the original product used has likely become ineffective because pests adapt and immune themselves after a period of time. So, yes, the initial investment in having a pest control specialist take care of the problem will be higher than an off-the-shelf pest control product. However, a pest control specialist is trained and experienced in accurately identifying the pest problem, and in using appropriate products and processes that eliminate the problem. Thus, what started out as a one-time pest product purchase for the home or business, turned into more costs, which eventually could outweigh the costs of originally hiring a professional.

Another advantage to DIY pest control is that we can do it at our convenience. We don’t have to wait around for a pest control technician to show up, or schedule a time that is convenient for both of us. On the other hand, there are excellent pest control companies out there that schedule appointments based on customer convenience as well. A little research and speaking with available pest control companies may surprise us where convenience is concerned.

Warranties are an advantage that may weigh more on the side of the professional. With a DIY product, there are certain store return policies that may provide for some sort of warranty. Other than that, there are no warranties on DIY pest control. A good pest control company provides certain warranties on pest control services provided. Many will make return visits (at no extra cost) if the pest issue has not been eradicated. Pest control estimates are always free, so talk with several companies for more information.

As mentioned earlier, the best solution to pest control is pest prevention. When some sort of small pest problem is giving us trouble, a DIY pest control method may be the solution that works. Larger pest infestations may require the help of professionals.

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