So, you have a huge termite and/or bed bug challenge and you’ve decided to fumigate your property. Some friends have told you fumigating was a big hassle, and others said the process went very smoothly. The truth is – with proper preparation – fumigating your property is not that difficult; and the result will save you thousands down the road. To put you at ease, here is a synopsis of what to expect before, during, and after the tent fumigation process.
Preparing for the fumigation before the scheduled fumigation date is when the most work is required. If there is any hassle to the process at all, it is finding a place for you and your pets while the property is being fumigated. If fumigating for termites, plan on being out of the home for 24 hours. If fumigating for bed bugs, you will need to be out for several days. If you have any kind of gas going into the home you will need to contact the gas company to have the gas shut off on the day of fumigation and turned back on thereafter. Medications and unsealed food products need to be sealed in special bags that are provided by your pest control specialist. Once sealed in bags, medications and unsealed food items do not have to be removed from the home during fumigation. All houseplants need to be taken outside of the home during fumigation. Any shrubs or bushes that are up against the outside of the home may need to be cut back for proper tent sealing. The last step in tenting preparation is to make arrangements with the pest control company so that house keys are available for entry on the day of the fumigation. All of this may seem a little overwhelming, but not to worry because your pest control specialist will guide you through each of these steps.

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Once all the steps above are complete, you are set for the day of fumigation. Before you leave your home, you will need to ensure that any heaters, air conditioners, and other appliances are turned off. Pilot lights must also be turned off during a tent fumigation process. All doors, cabinets, and drawers will also need to be opened. Hopefully, you and your pets have a cool place to stay during fumigation.

When the fumigation process is complete, your pest control specialist will notify you when it is safe to return to your home. Do not return to your home until you are given the okay to do so. The fumigation process uses a gas that dissipates and does not leave any residual residue. So, there is no need to wash beds, dishes, clothing, or pretty much anything else. The best part of returning home is knowing that all the termites (or bed bugs) are gone.
If you have any questions about the tent fumigation process for termites or bed bugs, please call us at our local office.

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