Heavy Rains In Hawaii

We all heard the horror stories of the flooding in Kauai, Oahu and even parts of Maui. Our hearts go out to those affected by the flooding and who have damaged homes and properties from it. This article is going to discuss how these rains and floods also affect the pests in the islands.

It is true that the rains will draw out all of the common pests in Hawaii, like your centipede, spiders, ants, slugs and flies. Here are some tips to be sure you don’t get flooded with bugs after it rains next time:



  1. Make sure all of your screen doors have no pukas (holes) in them. If you do have tears in the screen, either get a new screen or use duct tape to block the holes, it won’t be pretty but it will keep the bugs out until you get a new screen.
  2. No gaps around doors. If there’s big gaps around your doors, bugs can get in. You can purchase door sweeps to be sure you cover the gaps from the bottom of your door and stop the pests from coming in, especially after heavy rains.
  3. Check your windows, are there holes, gaps? If so, fix them by patching it up or filling in the gaps. If the gaps are big enough to let light pass through, then guarantee it’s big enough for bugs to get in.
  4. Remove clutter around the house. Bugs, especially centipedes love clutter around the house. If important to remove any junk near the house that’s not being used because pests will hide here.
  5. Rinse your cans out before recycling them. This is very important because your soda, beer and juice cans will have sugar and pests love sugar! You can rinse them out before throwing them into the recycle container and that will also help eliminate bugs.


We also want to mention that a┬álot of our clients will reschedule our pest control services when it rains because they feel that the treatment we apply around their home will not work because of the rain. This is a misconception that we would like to clear up now. Most homes in Hawaii have overhangs or their roofs will extend far enough so the walls of their home are not wet. We also spray around the doors and windows which will usually be dry and not impact the treatment we use. So don’t reschedule because the rain will actually help the treatment we use with better results.

We hope these tips will help you reduce the amount of critters and pests in your home. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to service your home professionally, please contact us. We’re located on 3 islands, Kauai, Maui and Big Island (Kona side). We look forward to hearing from you and servicing you.



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