Hawaii’s Termite Inspection Report (TIR)


Due to the environmental nature of our beautiful state, it is general practice for property sellers to have a Termite Inspection Report (TIR) completed. While not obligated by law, most lending institutions and buyers want to know that a property is termite-free. Your real estate professional can better assist you with the need for a TIR or not. The focus here is on what can be expected from the execution of a TIR.
Hawaii’s TIR process is dictated by Hawaii Revised Statute §460J-19 and completed on a Form PC-9. The TIR is only for termites; it does not cover any other wood-eating insects like powder post beetles. Due to the secretive and destructive nature of termites, the completed TIR report is only valid for 15 days. Property sellers, buyers, lending institutions, and others will see a number of items on a completed TIR and they all pertain to drywood and/or ground termites. A general description of the building being inspected. A description of the areas of the building that the inspector was unable to inspect (e.g., between walls, behind unmovable appliances, etc.).


The inspector will note any area(s) where he/she visibly sees evidence of active/live termite infestation. The inspector will also note location(s) of visibly seeing evidence of inactive/old termite infestation. This generally indicates there was an infestation at some point in the past. Any visible structural damage due to termite infestation will be noted. Recommendation(s) for treatment and or control of termites as required. The inspector will also take note of existing conditions that have potential for future termite infestation. Things like ground-to-wood contact and leaking plumbing are some examples.

Throughout the physical TIR process, the seller should expect to provide as easy access as possible to every area of the interior and exterior of the structure. The inspector will be tapping on wood, looking for termite droppings and damage, opening and closing closets and cabinet doors, and just doing everything possible to complete a thorough report.
For more information on the process of a TIR, please feel free to give us a call.

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