Mahalo Nui Loa

As I watch Aloha Pest Solutions and Aloha Termite Kauai continue to thrive, I recognize that our successes are an accumulation of everyone’s hard work, long hours, and customers that believe in our Service with Aloha. With this in mind, I want to take a moment to thank my staff and all of the rest of you, our customers.

Every single employee in this company plays an important role in ensuring that our pest control, fumigation, and other services are delivered with expertise, on time, and much Service with Aloha. All pest control technicians and fumigators are required to attend regular safety meetings to ensure not only their own safety while on the job, but yours as well. They also strive to attain additional licenses that enhance our combined expertise and knowledge, and strengthen our Service with Aloha.

Aloha Pest Control Team


Even the office personnel study on their own time to get a variety of licenses to better help each of you! The office staff juggle multiple tasks (on a daily basis) while providing Service with Aloha to phone inquiries or assistance, as well as those of you that come directly to our office for help.

Like many of us in the company, our sales/inspector staff started from the ground up. So, when they go out of their way to provide estimates at the most convenient time for all, you can count on a precise and detailed proposal of any service required. You can also rest assured that the inspectors will not try to sell services that are not required. As an example, we get lots of calls about suspected termite droppings and a need for tent fumigation. When our inspectors take a look at the droppings and the rest of the property, many times it is ant frass or infestation, old droppings that were never cleaned up, or even a single piece of wood recently brought into the home and infested with termites. So, you may have a different problem like ant infestation, no problem but old termite droppings that were never cleaned up, or just a need for a vault fumigation of a certain wooden item in the home.

I truly believe that the combined expertise that makes up Aloha Pest Solutions, and the way in which we provide our services are some of the reasons that you – our customers – turn to us for your pest control needs. I and the rest of my staff are thankful for the confidence you have in us and our services. A Big Mahalo to All of You! We could not do it without you.

We provide services on Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island and all estimates are free. If you need anything or have any pest concerns, please give us a call.