Sentricon® vs. Termidor® 


There are a number of factors that we all think about when choosing the best ground termite treatment for our homes. Cost is always a huge factor for many of us. Some are more concerned with the reassurances of warranties and continued servicing that come with the chosen product. For others that know a little bit about the installation of Sentricon (a baiting system) versus Termidor (a liquid treatment), the aesthetics of it all may be a factor. Whether choosing Sentricon or Termidor, we all want a permanent solution. Just keep in mind that despite our personal concerns, there are times when the best permanent solution is dictated by the construction of the property being treated.


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Whether choosing Sentricon or Termidor, costs are estimated based upon perimeter linear footage of a structure. We can provide costs for both at the time of the inspection. Again, our recommendations will be based on the right fit for the property.
Warranties and continued service are important factors to many of us. Sentricon is guaranteed for as long as the stations are in the ground on the property. The frequency at which our company services Sentricon stations is based on termite activity going on and other readings from the bait stations. Sentricon is proven to kill entire termite colonies and continues to do so as long as it remains installed! Termidor liquid treatment boasts a kill rate of six times faster than most baiting systems on the market, but only kills those termites that come in contact with the treatment. Termidor will rid the property of ground termites for up to five years.
The differences between installing Sentricon or Termidor are significant. Termidor installation may require digging, trenching, disrupting landscapes, and even concrete drilling. Sentricon is a less invasive ground treatment baiting system that is gentler on the home, the yard, and the environment.


Many of us are environmentally conscious and prefer “natural” over manufactured. So, to give Sentricon a little bit of “green” credit, it’s been documented by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a reduced-risk treatment. When thinking about the environment, the biggest difference between Sentricon and Termidor is that Sentricon’s bait never leaves the bait station except when eaten by termites. Termidor treatments require putting it into the soil around the structure perimeter.


The ground termite treatment choice is a combination of our personal feelings and the construction of our property, which then results in the best possible treatment for us. Please feel free to call us for more information

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